Azithromycin is a drug that is prescribed by doctors to treat certain bacterial infections. A subclass of macrolide antibiotics, it is also referred to as Zithromax, a derivative of erythromycin. The drug is highly effective in curing bacteria-caused conditions like STD, bronchitis, pneumonia, lung infection, skin infection, etc. Azithromycin without prescription can be obtained online without undergoing the tight scrutiny of land-based pharmacists. If you have developed a bacterial infection in your body, then you do not need to rush to a doctor and spend dollars on their precious consultation. A bit of self-medication when you are fully sure, does no harm.

However, drugs like Azithromycin should only be consumed when you are fully informed about its good and ill effects. When you acquire Azithromycin without prescription, you will not have any trained physician to guide you during your period of dosage. People who have suffered in the past or currently struggling with liver disorders should avoid the intake. Hence, before you buy Azithromycin, make sure that you do not have any clinically testified disorders in kidney and heart rhyme. Those who have a history of Long QT or myasthenia gravis should best consult a certified physician before buying the drug.

Azithromycin can be taken in any form that you feel comfortable in. It comes in both suspension and tablet forms, meant for oral intake. If you have bought Azithromycin no prescription, then you do not need to worry about the dosage. It is normally to be taken once a day before or after meals. The dose should continue from one to five days, depending upon the condition you are taking it for. The medicine is best taken around the same time daily so that the molecules get a span of 24 hours to function fully. When you are in-taking Azithromycin no Rx, you can always contact the pharmacist of the store to get further guidance on the dose.

The drug should not be taken more or lesser than that is prescribed or required. If you are consuming the liquid form of Azithromycin, then make sure that you shake the container well before consumption. Measuring the dose is also very important for a prompt and absolute cure of the infection. It is best that you only use the syringe to gauze the dose and clean it well after use. Alternatively, if you have purchased Azithromycin from a source in tablet forms, take it with a glass of plain water.

Make sure that you haven’t stopped intake too early before the course closes as it can cause the culture of harmful bacteria in your body to grow resistant towards antibiotic drugs. If you have been sexually assaulted or contracted a sexually transmitted disease from your partner, then look for Azithromycin online. These online pharmacies maintain absolute discretion and do not ask weird questions before delivering the medicine. Some of the reputable stores have doctors appointed online for a brief consultation before you purchase it. These medical persons will be able to inform you about all the risks and gains of having Azithromycin.